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Monday, August 1, 2016

Imagedump: My trip to Dresden

A few weeks ago I went on a business trip to Dresden. The conference I visited was held at Westin Bellevue Hotel straight on the shore of the river Elbe. Even though we had quite a full schedule, I strolled around a bit and took some pictures. Dresden is a great city for that.

"Punch PEGIDA (far right, nationalist, populist movement) really, really hard. With a running start!"
"Absurd people of all countries - unite!" 

Really nice city with a lot of historic buildings like the Semperoper and the Frauenkirche on one side of the river and a more modern and quite left leaning (see graffiti) other side. In fact, there were a lot of feminist graffiti straight on the sidewalk of the Elbe. So when I happened upon a tiny gaming store which carried around ten or so Infinity minis, I knew which one I had to buy.

The Hotel food was entirely tooooo good, btw

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