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Monday, August 1, 2016

Mecha spiders and nostalgic color schemes

Did I ever mention I am a big Ghost in the Shell fan? Probably entirely too often. Yeah, so Corvus Belli recently released a resculpt for the Maghariba Guard, a TAG (big armour suit) for Infinity. While all other TAGs are approximately humanoid, the Maghariba is a giant scorpion in line with the Kenbishi HAW 206 from Ghost in the Shell. I had mine preordered about 10 minutes after preorders went live and it arrived together with the new Human Sphere rulebook. And I would not be myself if I did not do some conversion work. You see there is also a Maghariba Pilot available as a mini....

The picture quality is a bit shoddy, but I didn't have time to take one with a proper camera and I also need a bit of clean up before she is finished, bit I think it comes along quite nicely. I wonder what the Nomad TAG I should have boxed away somewhere would look like with its pilot perched on it.

Something else that is inspired by Ghost in the Shell is the videogame Oni. One of my most nostalgic games. It features the heroine Konoko (an expy of Major Motoko Kusanagi) as an agent of the Technological Crimes Task Force (TCTF) who gets embroiled in a vast conspiracy. It also gave me great ideas for my Imperial Service/Yu Jing force. Meet my first testmini, Commander Terrance Griffin/ Sun Tze:

Still wondering what minis I could use to kitbash Konoko. Asuka Kisaragi would be fitting, but she is not available to the Imperial Service. Maybe a Spec Ops. Or a Kanren Infiltrator could fit.

I'll probably have to do some hairsculpting. The Hazmat from the Dire Foes set would make a good base model, but I have no use for the included Spec Ops. Or rather, I don't want a gateway to also buy Tohaa and Shasvastii. My to paint mountain is already bigger than I want it to be.

Oni's dream sequence level ranges in my top 5 most neckhair raising video game levels.

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