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Monday, November 14, 2016

Movies I am cautiously optimistic about

A loooong while back, when I was still in school, we had this library bus that stopped in our suburb every monday. As soon as I could read enough I started devouring their comic section going through Lucky Luke, Asterix, Tintin, Spirou and Prince Valiant. It was there that I picked up my first Manga when I was about 14 or 15. Mainly because of the cover.

At first I was surprised that only the first few pages of each chapter were in color, but soon the detailed artstyle drew me in.
I was expecting some kind of action story with robots. Instead I got an epic story full of political intrigue, philosophy, corruption, double crossing, cyberpunk and ending with the question: "What makes us human?" And possibly the most badass female protagonist this side of Honor Harrington and Renegade FemShep.

I was an instant fan.

I watched the movie (original 1995 version) sometime later and I'm not ashamed, I did not get it. If you have not seen it, it amps up the philosophy to 11. The title, which in the English translation happens to fit much closer, is in fact based on Arthur Koestler's The Ghost in the Machine. (remind me to read that book)

In fact, the author, Shirow Masamune wanted Ghost in the Shell to be its Japanese title, but the publisher pushed for Kōkaku Kidōtai which translates to mobile armoured riot police.  

A few years later, after watching the anime series GitS: Stand Alone Complex, I decided to give the movie another go. This time I really, really liked it. This time around I understood most of the philosophical points the movie makes and I find myself agreeing with a lot of it.

Now this movie is getting a remake. Or rather a live action version.

I don't know what to think about it. The trailer sure is pretty, but great visuals isn't all of Ghost in the Shell. I'm still wondering if Scarlett Johansson will be able to do Motoko Kusanagi justice.

I'd be content with Scarlett Johansson managing 30-40%

Oh, and speaking of movies: another great comic series is getting a live action movie:

Looks like entirely too much Hollywood action for the comics. -,-

The net is vast and infinite ...

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