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Friday, November 30, 2012

Mustering the Steel Phalanx

A little work in progress shot of the first ALEPH model for Infinity. Meet Lieutenant Helena of the Steel Phalanx.

The original idea for this colourscheme came from the PC game Tribes Ascend and it's Diamond Sword faction, which my brother and I play quite excessively.

Speaking of brothers and Vidogames, we managed to snag this little achievement in World of Tanks twice in a row.
I think we took out half the enemy team in a close-ranged knifefight in the first one. Can't really remember the second one.

What never ceases to amaze me how people can stand the long grinds in World of Tanks. My KV-1S tank was a bloody useless piece of scrap metal waiting to be turned into a smoking heap of broken steel at the enemies earliest convenience.
Then I got the longbarreled 122mm gun and suddenly I can get into a scrap with a tank above my weight and punch their faces in. (if only rarely) But anything in my class better beware when the 122mm shells come flying.
Oh, and at least 80% percent of the players are utter, mouthbreathing morons with the IQ of slightly stale gouda cheese.

Holy crap, I'm turning into Totalbiscuit

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