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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The sorry state of German television

Rant inbound. Be aware.

If you watch German television you know that gamers are a strange breed of people, at best socially inept in a comical way, but mostly mentally damaged, hyper-agressive and on the brink of the next school shooting. And no, I'm not talking about the crap-spouting, brain-frying channels in private hands like RTL, but the actual national television. Any actual gamer, will know what I mean after one Codeword: "Frontal 21" (Yes, gamers have codewords. Spooky, isn't it?)

But there is something much more sinister out there!
Bad journalists and pseudo-scientists that want to steal all your money!
Oh, no wait. That was gaming companies. (They are the devil!)

What follows is a piece of garbage made up of semi-truths, quotes ripped out of coherency and actual, blatant lies. Including a 71 year old, self-professed gaming expert, a kid paid to read a moronic script, who I'll bet will use the money to buy videogames/electronics) and a lot of cheap tricks to make the gaming industry look like villains.
Guess what, game developers want to make money with their work! Just like DRUG DEALERS! (and everybody else...)

You can watch this piece of garbage >here<, but you shouldn't. Instead you should watch >this<. Beginning at 7:40 is a detailed look at everything that's wrong with what the ZDF calls "investigative journalism".
While I was just chalking this "documentary" up as the usual BS dumb people come up with, there is actually a purpose behind this. (apart from blatant fearmongering).

The good people from the KFN Institute, which produced this travesty in jorunalism, want to protect your money from evil game designers so you can give it to them via taxes, so the state can control the age restrictions on games. Which it already does in Germany. (ba-dumm-tssh!)

But the money goes to the USK, which occasionally do dumb things, like making every English version of a game 18+, because the game is totally different, when everyone in it speaks German. However the USK actually shows a bit of competence in rating games.

And to make the rant complete, Frontal 21 produced this with money from the GEZ. Basically all german television viewers paid for a fearmongering commercial. Glad I'm not among them.

Which reminds me. Could I maybe get British television instead of German? Not both, JUST the British channels. (Ohai, geographic pun!)
The times I actually switch on a TV (at my parents) I tune in to BBC. Or I watch BBC documentaries on the Internet.

I'd even pay a bit extra for that, if I had a telly.

Hell, I'd even wear a Top hat and drink tea while watching it.

I felt a bit polemic today

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