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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Unboxing: Freebooter's Fate: Legends

Yarrr! Ye landlubbers and scurvy dogs! Feast yer eyes on this cache of booty!

Aforementioned booty.
 In autumn last year I took part in Freebooter Miniatures crowdfunding project for their Legends miniature set. Today said set arrived and I eagerly unboxed it.

tons of ziplock bags
The set contains six miniatures for their skirmish game Freebooter's Fate. One character for each of the five factions, plus one exclusive character that works for both the Pirates as well as the upcoming Cult faction. (Voodoo guys)
During the funding campaign, each of the minis unlocked additional bits such as a new head option, different weapons, assistants and tons of other piratey bling. Also, some Mercenary miniatures were unlocked, that can be hired by the different factions. You can see two of them (Capitan Virgo Despiedad and the Bountyhuntress Chassa) on the right side.
Since I'm a sucker for everything Mr. Klocke sculpts, I pledged for the full set and later included the two Mercs in the order. However, I didn't get every mini offered on Indiegogo. The Goblin Captain wasn't exactly my mug of rum and the Voodoo character Papa Houngan, I might get later.

First impressions:
All pieces are present, there are no obvious miscasts, hardly any flash, the amount of bits for some of the minis is amazing. All in all the high quality I'm used to from Freebooter. Suddenly I'm thinking of getting another set to also have the non-bitted out versions to build.

Coming up tomorrow: Antoinette Balfour and El Almirante, with their assorted companions.

Captain Fenris

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