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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Conversion: Reverend Cassandra Kusanagi with Spitfire

A few month ago I managed to snatch up an additional Reverend Healer from the Operation Icestorm Box. Originally I had planned to convert her into a Spec Ops for my Bakunin force someday. But since I had a Nomad Spitfire lying around I decided to convert a Reverend Kusanagi with Spitfire as I'm not sure if I like her current model and she is carrying a Multi Rifle anyway.

Originally had her gun pointed forward, but that looked to "gangsta-style"

According to the GenCon Seminar, Bakunin will get new minis even this year. I'm not sure how to feel about that, since I like some of the current ones very much. If they turn out like the new Djanbazan or Nisses I'll have to get some more before they are gone. If they turn out like the new Naffatun however, I'll be happy. Also, expect heavily converted Djanbazan soon on this blog.

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