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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Unboxing: FFL: El Almirante and Antoinette Balfour

El Almirante

If you have read the Freebooter's Fate rulebook (or seen any pirate movie) you know that every carribean island has a inept governor that is hopelessly in over his head dealing with pirates and whatever else comes his way.
The governor of Leonera exactly this. Known simply as El Gobernador he managed to lose Leonera to the pirates, which is since then known as Longfall. However, before he became El Gobernador, he was a hero of the empire known as El Almirante.
Our first Legend is exactly that: El Almirante in his prime.

Wielding a saber and a pistol, El Almirante can lead an empire crew against the dastardly Pirates, the rebellious Goblins or the nefarious Brotherhood. (I'd mention Amazons, too, but I can't think of a fitting adjective)

He is accompanied by his trusty aides. Mozo, Pelada and a little dog. Mozo carries a standard and serves as a rallying point for the crew and is on a seperate base. Pelada shares a base with El Almirante. She acts as a Powdermonkey, reloading his pistol.
The dog also sits on the same base and looks cute. It has no ingame effect. Among the stretch goal bits are a collection of medals, two highly decorated weapons and a stylish hat.

Lets put it together:

When looking at the pieces I first thought, El Almirante looked kinda static. When bedecked in all his finery, however, he really looks like an Admiral, standing proudly on deck of his flagship. There is quite a lot of detail on him. Mozo and Pelada look great, too. The doggy is nice, though for some reason I expected it to be a pug, instead it's more of a terrier.

The mini fit together well, though I had a little trouble getting the hat detached from the sprue. Apparently he also bought his hat a bit to small, I had to chip away a tiny bit to fit it properly on his head.

Antoinette Balfour

The second legend is a specialist working for the Pirates crew. Packing a a heavy cutlass and a pepperbox gun (highly impractical in real life, but seriously cool) that can fire 1-3 barrels with each shot adding some BANG! with each barrel.
Along with her comes her pet monkey, Grogbag, who, as the name might indicate, is as fond of rum as his mistress. He whacks enemies with empty bottles, or, if Antoinette has her pepperbox-gun, can shoot her handed-down regular pistol.

The pair also bring along a little pile of rumbottles, which make them fearless, but may get destroyed. I just can imagine her stumbling along, with a sad monkey on her shoulder, asking: "But why's the rum gone?"

Hardly any mouldlines on the mini again. It took some work lining up her head with her body, so she did not have a gash in her throat however. Her pose is okay, nothing special. Included with the stretch goals is a different box, for her to rest her foot on. 
It gives her a combat ready appearance, though I think her body's stance fits better with the non-stretchgoal gear. I particularly like her monkey, he's wearing a little vest and headband along with big, piratey earrings.

Next up: The other half of the sisters Balfour and the amazon leader Ixchelcoatl

Arrr, Mateys!


  1. Hello, I was wondering if you happen to have another one of Antoinette's head with the hat on it, my Antoinette got snatched after a demo of the game I ran at a game store I don't usually go to (not at all now haha). How do you like the game though? A lot of guys I have showed it to love the turn and combat system.

    1. Hi,
      sadly I only have the head used here. Shame yours got pinched.
      The game itself is great! I can't think of a game were we did not have something memorable happen. I like it so much, I even have the construction plans for a table featuring a sunken amazon temple amidst a jungle somewhere.
      I don't get to play half as much as I'd like though. Still, painting Klocke-sculpted minis is a good way to unwind after work.

    2. Haha oh Yea, last game I played I had Romerto charge Capitan Garcia and just one hit him. I think he ended up doing close to 14 damage. And my Queen of Shadows charged his Teniente only to have Garcia to use his wait action and crit her legs haha. Such a fun game, your right though, there is very little that is better than building and painting Mr. Klocke's models. Heck, that was what the deciding factor for me to get back into playing Cryx for Warmachine. She wasy favorite MKI caster and when he redid her... Sold.

    3. I think I forgot to mention I was talking about Skarre... Whoops!