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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Big Draconic Gribblies

The promised Scythean to accompany Vayl got finished today. I like big eyeless beasties, they are easy to paint.
Blight-bred by Everblight (say that out loud) during the days, when he made his lair under the Iosan city of Issyrah, they are the perfect killers, needing no light to see int he tunnels and caverns.
I am unsure how you swing giant scythe-claws in a tunnel, but then I am not a dragon beastie and that is what lore says.

Ingame it brings two POW 17 attacks to bear, fueled by Legions excellent Fury management. (You can push you beasties as much as you want, but sometimes they need a hug to not flip out and Legion is best at hugging.)

It also brings a Chain attack to the table. If it hits with both initial attacks, it can do a swipe at everything unlucky enough to stand before it. I doubt that this will remove lots of models, because who will cluster his Infantry around something big enough to take two hits from a Scythean?

*generic Dragon noise*
Then again smacking something big with a third, free attack is always welcome.

Also it looks bloody awesome! All evil, spiky dragonmantis!

This has been my first plastic Everblight kit. It was much easier to assemble and feels quite light. Nothing like the solid block of pewter my Carnivean is. I tried to magnetise it, but finally was too lazy, so I now have a bunch of additional arms and heads lying around. Those should come in handy for an eventual Typhon conversion or to upgrade the Carnivean from the two player box.

Finally a groupshot of my painted Legion stuff.


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