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Monday, June 20, 2016

GoT is gud and other stuff I watch...

I just finished watching Game of Thrones S6E09 Battle of the Bastards. And I have to say it was my favorite episode since The Lion and the Rose. Three "Fuck yeah!" moments and some character development for one of my favorite characters!

And since the series is no longer constrained by GRRMs writing speed, it moves much faster than the glacier-like pace it did in the books.

I'd like to quote a passage from the Lord of the Rings concerning horns. But that would mean spoilers, so I won't.

Something else I've been watching and have just finished is Arslan Senki or the Heroic Legend of Arslan.(disregard the atrocious J-pop) An anime adaptation of a Persian epic. It is the well known story of a prince and his loyal band of followers raising an army to win back his kingdom. What makes it refreshing is the middle eastern setting instead of the usual western medieval setting. Also, the characters are great and there is barely any fanservice. Well, unless you like bish┼Źnen guys. Then you will have a field day.
Anyway, the battles, characters and artstyle definitely earn a recommendation. If only season 2 was coming up soon.

Meanwhile, I'll contend with Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, because if there was anything that would make me watch a zombie story it would be steampunk. Steampunk samurai, even better!


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