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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye 2015!

A few days ago Facebook offered to show me "My year 2015". Apparently 2015 consisted of silly animal pictures, often subtitled with snarky humor, a few flowers and two times when I showed solidarity with France. That's not really the whole story.

2015 was not as bleak as this kitten makes it out to be
I may not have travelled to a new country, written a book, learned a new language (well, does perl count?) or invented something, but I met new people, gave a talk about IT-security and was invited to repeat it at a much bigger event next year. I got back into actually playing tabletop games more than sporadically, which sent me on a painting binge, which in turn put a big dent into my to watch list.
I attended a course about the programming language perl and wrote my first, actually useful scripts. (to call them programs would be hubris..)
I learned an inordinate amount of fighting game lingo and can now do a Dragon Punch 9/10 times, even with an unfamiliar controller.
I lost some weight, but didn't fully manage my goal and gained some of it back due to poor impulse control when under stress. (Damn you, comfort food!)
Also, I may have offered to turn up to a hypothetical wedding either in a kilt or full Viking gear. Said wedding is now scheduled for next year, so anyone got tips which tartan colors might suit me?

I guess that adds up to quite a good year, doesn't it? Hopefully your's was just as good.

Don't forget to be awesome!


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