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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tomb Raider Reboot is awesome!

I just finished playing through the new Tomb Raider. It was a blast. Great story, enjoyable game play awesome graphics and really good pacing. Only minor nitpick I have is that Lara went quite fast from vulnerable young archaeologist to Katniss Everdeen as trained by Captain Price. But that's something I'm willing to overlook, since Ms. Croft went from a bland action-girl with big boobs to an actual character.

Not only Lara got her origin story, but also her two iconic pistols. Which she used to blow away the big Bad, after using a bow most of the game.

I have to confess, I have played Tomb Raider 1-4, but never finished one of them. I watched the movie, though, which had cool action scenes. (that's probably the only good thing you can say about it)
I still have Tomb Raider: Anniversary, Legend and Underworld lying around in my Steam account and will probably play those one day.

In a funny coincidence, Freebooter Miniatures revealed a new Mercenary a few weeks ago. Clara Cadora, who is blatantly inspired by Lara Croft. Sadly she is more along the lines of the old Lara, slinging around two huge pistols, while wearing only little more than most of the Freebooter Amazons.

Here's to hoping there are more Tomb Raider titles like this along the way.

I's like to try archery some time

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  1. I second this notion. Best AAA-game I've played in a while!