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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Another successful Reboot!

Yesterday I finally found the time to watch the Judge Dredd remake. And it was awesome!
Sooooo much better than the original.

It's a great, straight forward action movie, with good pacing and good actors. Great visuals, especially in the scenes involving the slo-mo drug. But, oh boy, it is bloody! Nothing for the visually squeamish. Lots of blood and gore.
Lena Headey makes for a great villain, Karl Urban is a lot more badass as Judge Dredd than Stallone was, since he does not overact so much. Olivia Thirlby makes for a infinitely cuter and infinitely less annoying sidekick than Rob Schneider. She kicks nearly as much ass as Dredd himself. (say that last part aloud) Then she basically mind rapes one of the baddies.
Only weakness would be the story. It is a bit too straight forward and lacks twists you don't see coming a mile away. But it never really feels forced, so it's not that bad either.
Final verdict: 8/10 years Iso-cube for exaggerated coolness!

I am the law!

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