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Friday, September 13, 2013

Giantesses and Spanish Art

Monday this week I managed to snag Guild Wars 2 of ebay for cheap and have been leveling a female Norn guardian (think giantess valkyrie). She is now level 9 and kicking a lot of butt. I never really got into Guild Wars 1, but found part 2 very enjoyable during the weekend trial.

I just received the Infinity Artbook I preordered and it is awesome! Chock full of full color art and concept drawings from the spaniards at Corvus Belli. Along with it came ten full color DIN A4 prints I originally planned to hang on my wall. But looking at them now, I might have to frame them, so they don't take damage.
The book also has revitalized my interest in my Caledonian Highlander Army. I have researched tartans since they are all wearing kilts and they are bloody hard to paint.

Also I am still listening at least once a week to the newest Amon Amarth Album. Favorite songs: Shape Shifter, We shall destroy and Snake Eyes

Thinking about buying a kilt

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