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Friday, September 6, 2013

A very suspicious looking German Politician (at least to whovians)

Every time I ride my bike to work I see this sign:
and the guy on the right really reminds me of this guy:
So, we might have need of a madman in a blue box some time after September the 22nd.

To explain this to people who have not watched Doctor Who. The second guy is the Master. In the series he is a recurring enemy of the Doctor, being the only other Timelord to have survived the destruction of Gallifrey. He once tried to take over our world by first becoming Britain's prime minister and then summoning his allies, the Toclafane (not exactly aliens) through a temporal rift. (Dr Who 3.11/12/13 Utopia/ The Sound of Drums/ The last of the Timelords)
Then later on he tried to "resurrect" Gallifrey and the Timelords at the expense of annihilating earth. He was stopped by the Doctor and mortally wounded. (4.17/18 The End of Time I+II)
John Simm did a great Job playing the Master as a charismatic, but insane villain.

I believe in the man from Gallifrey

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