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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Infinity Escalation League: Game 2

Game 2 done! And what a back and forth game it was.

My opponent brought two Haramaki, two Tokusetsu Doc, a Guilang, three Keisotsu of which one was a Paramedic and a Zhanshi. He deployed mostly in total cover with the Guilang well forward along with a mine (which I believed to be another infiltrator all game, cause I had a stupid) One of the Haramaki was poised to advance through a Traincar laden with boxes, the other covered a street. I deployed my Lasiq far to my right covering the traincar from a vantage point on a roof. My Govad covered the street with his HMG from a low bridge, ready to move to the right. The streets below held my Naffatun, with the Ghulam setting up behind them on a roof and behind a car respective. The Ghazi went to the left. I planned to send them in a long flanking manouver into the enemies backfield. I suspected my enemy to swing to the right where the cover seemed best, so my Fiday hid behind a shipping container near the traincar.

First turn saw one of the Haramaki advance through the container area and open up on the Lasiq. After a ridicolous amount of shootin, hitting and made armor rolls my Lasiq dropped dead. Not much more was done by my opponent, I think just the other Haramaki moved down the street a bit, hiding behind the front of the train.

On my turn the Fiday moved around the corner and hit the Haramaki with a Shotgun slug, sending him to the ground. Then she primed a mine, leaving it near a containers corner as a surprise for anyone trying to heal the Haramaki before hiding behind the Containers and adopting once again the guise of Gogo Marlene. Not much else happened this round. My Naffatun moved into cover, one ready to support the Fiday the other covering the street backing up the Govad, The Ghazis moved a bit, but stayed in total cover.

Second turn the Guilang discovered the mine and the Keisotsu Paramedic moved to the containers, disabling it with a wellplaced shot. (Memory a bit fuzzy here, so could be wrong) Then he proved his accuraccy again and shot a medikit over to the Haramaki, who got back up. The Guilang moved lateral to my lines and ascended a ladder. He traded shots with my Ghulam, who dropped to a combi rifle slug. He moved a bit further and traded shots with the Govad, but nothing happened.

My Ghazi moved along the flank. One of them was caught in the open by the other Haramaki and took a wound. He made a mad dash to reach the Haramaki with his Chain Rifle, but took another round and keeled over. The Govad then repositioned and shot down the Guilang with a HMG salvo. Another spray of hot lead takes down the second Haramaki. I moved my Fiday around the corner again and shot down the Paramedic with her shotgun. Then she tried to do the same with the Haramaki, but failed. I used my Lieutenant order to get him in position to cover the approaches of the healed Haramaki. Immediately after I passed the turn I felt bad about that decision, but it proved to be the correct one.

Turn three began with a swift melee between the Haramaki and my Fiday. I imagine it something like the typical scene from samurai movies. Both dash at each other, blades ring, they stand. My Fiday spits blood and falls to the ground. The Haramaki moves to the right again and storms down a corridor between a building and the containers and opens up on my Gulam. But Solid Snake is not impressed and puts a critical bullet right through the Haramaki's visor. One of the Tokusetsu makes a dash for the Haramaki in a desperate attempt to get him back on his feet. But Snake has no qualms firing at medics and takes him down with another crit mid procedure and the Haramaki bleeds out.

We are close to the end. My Ghazi moves up and sprays the Tokusetsu with his Chain rifle, catching the Keisotsu in the template, too. The Tokusestsu drops, but the Ghazi takes a wound. The Keisotsu dodges. Bleeding the Ghazi staggers forward and the chain rifle blazes again, this time catching the Keisotsu and the Zhanshi. But I think both made their armor rolls. The Ghazi however takes another wound and drops. I spent the last of my orders trying to discover the mine in the middle with my Govad and Naffatun. Dunno what I expected. A Hac Tao, a pocket sized Guija, Father Christmas? Could have guessed it was just a mine.

Very cool game, it could have gone either way at any time. I made no major errors and my opponent also seemed on top of his game. The Fiday was a good addition to the list, though I should have dropped more mines. Did not have enough orders for that though by that point. The Haramaki managed to close inside my +/-0 Range quite easily, so I might have been better served with a simple Viral Rifle instead of a Sniper Rifle. Also that gives access to suppression fire, something that proved neat during my first game. I guess that model get's put on the shopping list. But for the next game; I'll have to think about some specialists. Kaplans and Al'Hawwa are already on the painting table and I should finally assemble my Barid. I got him as a present to myself when I aced my job interview. For a job I am now working for two years

In other news, finished my first terrain piece today! Next month I'll hopefully find time to buy a proper baseplate for my game table.


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