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Friday, June 26, 2015

Infinity Escalation League: Game 1

So I have joined an Escalation League for Infinity. It will feature multiple games, 8 to be specific with increasing armies. Since I am a special snowflake I am playing Haqqislam, the faction I own that was not yet among the league's faction pool. The first game went less then well. You can read about it on my opponents blog in German or in my after action report which I am going to crosspost in the official Infinity forum.

First after action report (might have misremembered some details):

I was up against JSA with three Keisotsu, Takeshi Oyama, a Raiden and Saito Togan. I deployed in cover, with the Lasiq on a building overlooking most of the other buildings. and two nice fire lanes along two streets. Everything went well until my second order, when the Raiden's HRL took out one of my Naffatun and the Odalisque due to poor positioning. It took me some orders of sneaking around to notice my Lasiq could draw a bead on the now de-camoed Raiden and she took him out with one shot. (after plastering the wall behind him with two or three orders of viral ammo -,-)

In my opponents turn Saito Togan moved up and took out my Lasiq. When he moved up, he got a facefull of flame from the surviving Naffatun burning down his camp to Mimetism. Mr. Ninja however put a slug from his combirifle right into the Naffatun's brain and passed his ARM-roll. Bummer!

The rest of the game went mostly like this: "Hey, where does this smoke come from? And does it smell like singed Ninja here?" *explosive CCW-noises* - repeat.

The game went 10-nil to my opponent.

Then we played another game, where my dice finally woke up/ I switched to the red ones. This went much better. Lasiq discovered Raiden and shot him down (taking 4 orders to do that). Then she took out a Keisotsu. Saito Togan infiltrated and murdered a Naffatun and the Odalisque in a smoke cloud. He also got the Lasiq, but got fried by the other Naffatun, who died to his combirifle. Takes Oyama fell to my Ghulams' rifles, who carried the day and hunted down the two Keisotsu left.

Lessons learned:

I did my order declaration not as clearly as it could have been in the past. Always have cover. Unopposed enemy rolls are bad. Don''t clump up too much. Heavy Infantry dies quite easily. I-kohl as a CC defense is quite lackluster against real CC specialists. Flamers have more range then I thought. Raiden look better with hats. When I am already on the loosing end I should pull back a bit to at least save some points.

With that knowledge I hope my second game will run better.

And since Saito Togan's rampage was so impressive I decided to invest in my own ninja. Who is a hassassin. Slightly converted, so she can count as all the different weapon profiles:

In the background, two Ghulam, a Al'Hawwa and a Lasiq are getting painted
And this is what happens when you piss of the Old Man of the Mountain.

Ma as-Salama

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