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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hordes: Gargantuans

I have just finished reading through Privateer Presses newest book for Hordes and oh, boy, it's shiny!
Lots of new background advancing the storyline, lots of new models including the eponymous gargantuans, Warlocks that are units or battleengines and tons upon tons of gorgeous art. My absolute favourite piece is the art for Morvahna the Dawnshadow.

She is a druidess riding side saddle on a goat. How cool is that? When I buy the Two player Hordes box I might have to keep the Circle models, since her mini actually does her artwork justice.
Also there is a new Unit Attachment for my favourite halberd swinging werewolf dudes, the Skinwalkers. I'm told he makes them awesome.

So if I like Circle so much, why am I not playing them (yet) you may ask?
The answer is simple:


Legion gets probably the awesomest (yes, that's a word) model in the history of Privateer Press.

The Archangel, spawned from the blood of four warlocks with a side helping of a dead dragons teeth, this blighted monstrosity takes to the skies of Caen.

My Legion is also kinda purple-ish

I don't care about the rules (which seem halfway decent to me, anyway), I want one!
The pricetag however says that it will have to wait for a while.

The rest of Legions releases are also very cool. Everblight blesses us with a flying version of the facehugger from alien, the Afflictor. (Nicknamed the rapesnake or NCPS in America)
There is the Nephilim Bloodseer, a humanoid dragonbeastie that make everything magic more awesome. Can't wait to play that guy with Hex Hunters and Bethayne.
The Warspear Chieftain made me giddy when I added up all the bonuses I can get for his unit. It's going to be more like chucking cruise missiles at your enemy.
Our new Warlock, Lylyth also cranks awesomeness up another notch and is the first Warlock to be a Battle Engine. She rides a huge warsleigh pulled by blighted ulks. But I am not fully sold on her rules, which seem kinda "meh" to me.
Finally there is the Nyss Beast Mistress, Legions crazy cat lady. Only instead of cats she keeps dog sized landsharks that eat you. She is another first for Legion being essentially a second Warlock on a smaller scale. I'm not really sure about her either. She may be able to buff a lot of models for you, but her beasts won't benefit from Legion's ubiquitous battlegroup spells. Maybe in bigger games.

But wait, there's more: Voodoo alligators and zombie fishmen. Yeah, you heard right. The gatormen bokor brings his swamp shamblers. I haven't given them much thought yet, but they are usable by the Legion and their art is cool. Kinda like Alexia Ciannor and her risen. I have to look if you can raise casualities for more zombies and spawn lesser warbeasts from the spawning vessel. Might be interesting.

What was supposed to be a short post about gargantuans exploded into something much larger, eh?

(not a purple pony)

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