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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Building a table that is also a shelf, Part I

Update: Pictures are up.

What do Jesus and me have in common? We can do carpentry. Though mine probably looks a lot worse. Also I doubt he was building war games tables back then. But he surely made some bitchin' sideboards.

Anyway, I spent three hours today working on a dedicated Wm/H table. Who knew that screwing gets you as sweaty as, well, screwing. Dumb puns aside, the table will have the dimensions of 120x120cm, which is quite close to 48x48 inches. Not exactly, but close. (Stupid imperial system!) It will also be able to transform into a storage rack with the table halves acting as the shelves.

From a terrain perspective it will feature a Khadoran railway station alongside a river. Tracks and river will be mounted to the table with stuff like a water tower and a coal heap (a hill rules wise) movable.

Finally the table will be a testbed for a smaller Freebooter's Fate table I am dreaming of. That one will have a beach on one side and jungle on the other with a sunken Aztec pyramid in the middle. Everything will be include multiple tiers and I plan to go totally overboard with water effects.

Work in progress photos coming up once I figure out how to get them of my smartphone. Apple seems to hate me.

Totally not lacking terrain ideas

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