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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

New Year, slightly different me...

New years resolutions time!

  1. Read more books!
    I can't believe I only managed to read four books in 2017. Unacceptable! At least twelve for 2018! I have already started with one of my Christmas presents, Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky
  2. Work on the pewter mountain!
    I have too much unpainted miniatures! Let brush be whetted, paintpot be opened! Also trying for at least one a month!
  3. Eat less crap!
    obv. I'll also try to reduce the amount of recipes I regularly cook that start with "Chuck a pig/cow into a blender..." soo basically less meat.
  4. Paint at least one of my Garage Kits!
    Bought a Paintbrush entirely too expensive to only use it on terrain and for basecoating models. Should I start with the badass action-girl with a pistol, the cute action girl with a rifle, the badass commando with rifle and pistol or the ninja-chick in a fetish-outfit with epic hair, who is actually the legendary Medusa given human form and summoned to fight in a battle of mages (I swear it makes sense in context!)
  5. Listen to more music!
    Looking at my smartphone, I listened to two albums from 2016 and 2015 and a bunch of soundtracks this year. Not much else.
  6. Sacrifice less souls to Nerzibuul the Betrayer, Prince of the Seventh Darkness, Patron of slightly misaligned backpack straps!
    No comment...
  7. Use less exclamation marks!

I don't know which one of them I am...


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