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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Game of 302 Mad Roses

I am currently watching The White Queen to tide me over a bad case of Game of Thrones withdrawal. It is a series about the War of the Roses, a very turbulent episode of Britain's history that apparently served as inspiration for GRRM's A Song of Ice and Fire and it shows. It has the same amount of politicking and backstabbing (not as literal as in ASOIAF). But it's surprisingly tame on violence for the period it depicts. It took five episodes for a battle to happen that we actually get to see. Still it is interesting to watch, since I know little about the War of the Roses.

I also recently watched 300 Rise of an Empire, which had all the battles The White Queen lacks. On ships. If you liked the first one, you will like this one, too. Though, this time they tried to flesh out the pretense of story. And stopped at tried. It still does not make much sense.
Although this time there is an actual fighting villain in the person of Arthemisia instead of the faceless Persian hordes and there is less Spartan overacting. (Ahu, ahu ...) The visuals are still great and who really watches 300 for the story?

Something else that is sadly lacking a story is Mad Men. I watched the first season, but stopped once I realized that basically nothing had happened. Women bitched at women, men bitched at men and the status quo staid the same. Still, the look of the series was cool. (But everybody seems to have smoked about a pack a day back then)

Speaking of stories, I'm also sketching out a continued story for the Iron Kingdoms roleplaying game I ran for some friends. I'm still not decided if I'll fling pirates and zombies with a bit of survival horror at them or if they'll be going on a simple rescue mission in a full blown war zone. Either way, it's gonna get steampunky since two of the characters have a more technical background. (A gobber mechanik and a human warcaster)

Even if the last game made me feel a bit like Scar here, I'm already wondering what shenanigans they are going to come up with.

And which curveballs to throw at them. The forums suggested a Warjack that's afraid of flowers.
I've got a great twist planned, but that's for a later adventure.

In other news: Steamsale happened. I bought trousers. And some games. God, my backlog is soooo long.

Signin' off


  1. Surrounded by idiots?
    I would think that giving naked dwarfs piggyback rides would be standard heroic behaviour around here.

    1. Believe me, it isn't. And you have until next session to rename your character to something appropriate, or he'll be known as Sir Bob henceforth.