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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Miniature of the Week (1-8.07.2013) - Bakunin Moderator

Since I don't subscribe to the superstition that you'll die when you run out of miniatures to paint, I actually try to get my small pewter mountain painted. And I thought it might be a good idea to get one mini painted each week.

This is the first mini to get under my brush: A Bakunin Moderator from Corvus Belli. Basically she is a Policewoman from a huge spaceship that is inhabited entirely by misfits. When you have habitation modules where religious nuts live right next to people who take bodymodification to a new art form, violent feminists and slightly insane scientists/artists you need a police force to stop trouble from getting out of hand. That is the job of the Moderator Corps.

She seems to have hung out a lot with the body-mod crowd, that's why she's got bunny ears

In game terms, she is one of the "cheap" grunts in my Bakunin force. For only a few points she provides additional actions for my specialist troops. She also packs a rifle and since this is Infinity, with a little luck she might down even something far above her point cost since: "You can kill anything in this game with a rifle."

I picked her to test out my color scheme for my Nomads force. Red, purple and white. I went quite light on the purple here, might have to change that with other minis, but overall I'm quite happy with how she turned out. She was also my first try in painting nylon stockings.

Under the brush this week: Warwitch Deneghra and Ajax the Great.


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