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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Hobbit and an unexpected journey

Today, I saw The Hobbit. Well, actually yesterday. Review is planned for this week or whenever I feel like it.
I must say I enjoyed it quite a bit.

However the day ended (or started, depending on your viewpoint)with a giant "screw you" from the KVB. Because the film was so long, we had to take the last train home. And because a new cable had to be laid somewhere along the line, it took us only half the way back. Maybe they thought  I would just summon some eagles to fly us home. Guess what, I'm not a Maiar.
But my superior navigation skills (aiming for the DHL tower and trudging ownward) saved the day.
Did I mention that it was -6°C?
Now I'm siting here with tea and mead demonstrating how to write a blog post. Also I might be a wee bit drunk.

Yes, I made up an entire blogpost out of an atrocious pun.

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